Every car enthusiast will tell you that from beginning of time, German car owners and Japanese car owners have been at war about why they drive the car they drive. As you learn more and more about the two, you begin to see that both have their benefits and their glitches. But then actually start to question, “which one is better?”.

Let’s try and help you decide by giving you brief information about both!

BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and even Porsche. Starting from as early as 1870 to this day, German cars are known to be the most innovative cars in the world. Their models are powerful yet stylish. It’s recently been said that in 2030, only zero-emission passenger vehicles will be approved in Germany. That means that diesel and petrol-powered vehicles will soon no longer exist with German manufactured cars. German manufactured vehicles are known to be quite pricey, even though they cater for all budgets, however, for their price range German cars are quite well thought out.

The only common disadvantage most German car owners complain about is that it’s not as durable as it should be.

Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu. A few of many Japanese manufactured cars that people love. The Japanese car manufacturing industry is one of the most conspicuous and largest in the world. Japanese manufacturing has been one of the top three countries with the most cars manufactured, beating Germany. Manufacturing from the 1970’s to this day, brands are more than likely to be recognised by the world.  Japanese brands are as innovative, built for speed, style and luxury. Most Japanese cars are also known to be more cost effective and durable. As technology improves, so does Japanese cars, in 1997 the Toyota Prius was the first mass-produced hybrid car, reducing in carbon emission.

The only common disadvantage that most Japanese car owners complain about is that they’re made with much cheaper parts so they’re easily damaged. And to get it repaired is half as much as to buy a new car.

So which one is better you ask?

Well, that’s up to your discretion. Both are equally innovative, stylish, and vary in models and price range. That, in essence means they cater for all drivers.

It all depends on preference. If you’re looking for a stylish car with a powerful engine then you should probably go for a German Car.  If you’re looking for style, speed and durability then you should look for a Japanese car which suites you.

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