In our busy world, we often find ourselves at the end of a busy week with plenty of chores and errands to catch up on. That’s life, but if we can find a way to make things easier for ourselves in long run, we normally do it. It is no secret that our cars are precious assets and they are investments that we make. Sometimes we even take our cars for granted. But we always make time to give our best to our cars, such as using the right soap and cloths when washing it, or insurance for when something might just not go our way, we’re at least protecting ourselves and our investments.

Basic Car Maintenance

Life gets busy and we often neglect some chores for longer than we should, here are somethings that we should check every couple of months:  every 8000 km your tyres are due for a rotation. Clean your brakes with a damp sponge and cold water. By keeping your tyre pressure in check allows you to get more fuel mileage.  Always fix little chips in your windscreen, because they can and will grow. And before the cold winter months set in, check your battery, check to see if all your lights and indicators are working, as you’ll likely be driving in the dark more often. Do not forget to check and top up ant antifreeze as it protects your car against the cold.

Car Life Hacks

Everyone loves learning about nifty little tricks that can make our lives better by avoiding those inconveniences that sometimes turn into unnecessary problems. There are a few life hacks that would make your life as a car owner, simpler. The first being, if you have to park your car in the sun on a hot day, turn your steering wheel 180° so that the top doesn’t burn when you return. If you ever get stuck in mud, use the car floor mats for traction. To remove old sticker, place some newspaper over it and wet it with warm water, the sticker will come off in 10 minutes.

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