You may not know exactly what goes on at a car show if you’ve never been to one. Do you just stand around staring at cars all day? Is there anything to buy? What makes people go to these car shows?

Car shows are normally attended by people of all ages who have that one thing in common: they love cars. That’s really the only requirement. It doesn’t matter if some people have been to a hundred car shows and know the engines inside out or if they simply go to look at the beautiful cars. Everyone is welcome at a car show.

At most car shows you will see many cars. Some of the cars are brand new models that are brought to the show by car companies and others are classics that have been restored. Often there are also some other activities such as bikini contests, racing, demonstrations and of course, good food.

Preparing yourself for a car show

So, you’re at your very first car show, and you may think that all you need to do is pull off your BMW cover, take it to the car show and answer some questions about BMW’s. But believe it or not, there’s more that goes into it. Firstly, you’ll need to get your car ready for a show. You may think that all it needs is a good wash, but you will want to be certain that every single inch of your car is sparkling clean. The exterior of your car will need a good wash as well as a wax of course, and you should also keep in mind that many cars at these shows will have their hoods up, so you may be asked to pop yours too, which is why you will also need to ensure that the engine in properly cleaned. In fact, some of our experts have suggested that you should start with the engine and then move on to the wheels. This way, any grime or dirt that ends up on the rest of your car will be washed off when you do the exterior. You’ll definitely want to make sure you’ve got a clean interior too! As it is just as important as the rest of your car. Its always a good idea to take some cleaning supplies with you to the show, especially if you’ll be driving your car to the show and will get some driving dust on it along the way. You could also invest in a car cover if you want to do all the cleaning the day before.

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